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A little pickup to lift your spirits

Need a little break from the heavy of today, here is a bonafide fun little bit to lift your mood…

Do the work…

growthRecently, one of the shepherds here locally remarked that the preaching I had been doing over the last couple of years was in his estimation the best i‘ve done over our time working together. It’s my hope that he and all those who hear or follow after my efforts are able to say that every year. Now it may be that I have made some serious leaps recently or I was just not that able to start with… But we need to be a growing people in all aspects of our life.
2 articles I read today reinforced what I have been using to drive my own growth as a christian, father and preacher.

  1. 8 Things Remarkably Effective People Do Every Day by Peter Economy

Make today the day you change course for the better.



Tomorrow We Ride!

Yee Haw!


Stay Frosty Friends…



Video Reflections from the South Old Mac Trail

Video of our #T156 hike at Frozenhead State Park

Pork “stew”

another crockpot victory

1-2 lbs lean pork

Corn, diced tomatoes beans, 2tbs Montreal seasoning, 2tbs cumin, crushed pepper, crushed garlic, some rice…. WOW…




Miso Soup

Miso Soup

For future use at some point with the scouts.