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Even the young Pandawans want to swim

A few weeks back I stalled at the 500m row for time, blocked by a wall of time known as the 2:00 minute barrier…

Wall Broken…


The Good: time in at under 2:00 mins, 1:57 flat, solid form throughout.

The Bad: I want a solid 41S/M for the whole 500m, not there yet, but getting at it.

0. gym: 3×20@90lbs Cable Pull Downs, 3×20@80lbs (pec dec) flys, 3×25 Ab Coaster, 3×20@115lbs standing calf raises, 3×20@65 seated leg extensions, 3×20@65lbs, 3×20@65lbs, seated leg curls

1. walk 1/2 mile

2. Row 500m @ 8 drag, 1:57, followed by 2000m row.

3. used a few tape measurements to estimate my body fat, right now it is around 19-20% losing my planned 20+ pounds should land me at around 10% body fat, which is about where I want it to be.

Brought the oldest out with me this AM and had him work some body weight activities and then run the cardio with me, He did great, but like me longs for the pool to be back up.


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