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Panda Arrested in Attempted Pool Break In…

Tuesday I met up with 2 friends at the gym to offer some support as one restarted an exercise regimen.

Upside: got to help a buddy get back at it.

Downside: the extra cardio, demos, and such came at a cost.

0. track: 1/3 mile walk, 1/12 mile “sprint”
1. gym:Light Core Work, (Abs/lower Back)
2. row: 2x500m @ 2:30
3. bike: 1 mile @ 4:50

Today, I was back in my normal routine, (though a bit earlier in the day)

Pandas in jail

o. gym: machine flys 3×20@70, standing cable curls 3×12@80, seated lat pull downs 3×20@70 mixed with 10 close grip palms in pull ups per set, standing calf raises, 3×20@951. 5k+cardio: 2k run/walk 50% running at a 9 min mile pace, 50% walk, rowing 1x500m,400m,300m,200m,100m 29S/m per, 2k walk brisk pace.my thighs and abs are angry today, oddly the knee does not hurt at all at rest.

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