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if you don’t drink enough water you will die, no I really mean it. you will die a horrible slow painful death…

youch! it’s hot out there…

Hydrate like a champ folks.

0. gym: legs – 3×20@135lbs standing calf raises, 3×12@80lbs leg extensions, 3×12@80lbs seated leg curls, 3×20@45lbs squats (bar only)

1. run: 1mile mixed sprints: 1/12 at brisk pace (8:30 min mile) then 1/12 at full gas.. 33sec (6:30 mile pace). no breaks.

Weighed in at 209lbs today, 14lbs shy of my body fat goal. It feels like these last 14 will take longer that then prior bunch, but really looking at my past they should drop at the same steady rate. I have also reached a point where getting the protein I want daily is a bit of a challenge. I just don’t have the same oversized appetite anymore. All I really want is some cold water… odd… must be the heat.

have I ever mentioned I hate running, I do. that said I know it has some great benefits for me and can really help my cardio, but really I still loathe it.

Don’t be a Cretan…

“One of themselves, a prophet of their own, said, “Cretans are always liars, evil beasts, lazy gluttons.”Β This testimony is true. For this cause reprove them severely that they may be sound in the faith,” Titus 1:12-13


0. gym: arms & shoulders 3×20@90 triceps press, 3×20@25 front plate raises, 3×20@80 preacher curls, 3×10 wide grip pull ups (palms out)

1. walk: 1 mile


0. swim: 45 mins towing james on my back in the lanes. (he did 100meters on his own at the end!)


0. gym: back & core: 3×20@90 wide lat pulldowns, 3×40 ab coaster, 3×20 absolo, 3×20 extentions

1. track: 1 mile walk

2. bike: 3 miles in 12 mins.

3. row: 2000m in 12 mins

4. swim 100m sprint swim, 3 mins


-31 lbs and counting


One week back at it, and stopped by the scales on the way out today from the gym… 210 lbs!

that’s roughly equivalent to 3 gallon jugs of water.

9lbs per gallon

9lbs per gallon

9lbs per gallon

Today’s work:

o. Empty one overfilled trailer with tree parts

1. gym: legs – 3×20@80lbs extensions, 3×20@80lbs curls, 3×20@95lbs calf raises

2. track: mix sprint/walk for 1/2 mile – sprint 1/12 run 1/12

3. row: 500m, 400m, 300m, 200m, 100m for pace (30S/M)

4. swim: 4x25m sprints Β @ 35 secs each


A Panda A Day…

0. gym: 3×12 @40lbs high cable flys, 3×20 @ 50lbs seated flys (pec dec) 3×12@70 standing cable press downs, 3×12 @70lbs standing cable straight bar curls, 2×20 hyperextensions, 2×20 ab coasters, 2×20 incline sit ups.

1. walk 1/2 mile

Dr’s check up today,

BP 112/60, resting HR 72, thoughts on knee pain, not Patellar Tendonitis, more likely is it isΒ Osteoarthritis (www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov). Suggestions are to take a anti-inflamatory on active days, and will get an xray done to rule out other possbilites. Β In addition, keep up with the weight loss plan trying for about 1lb a week and go ahead and increase the running distances up to about 2 miles a week, broken in small segments as I progress.

PubMed Health. A service of the National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health.

Zombies Hate Fast Food!!!…

Run, Slacker Run!

0. gym: 3×12@70lbs seated military press, 3×20@65 seated leg curls, 3×20@65 seated leg extensions, 3×20@60 close grip locked lat cable pulled downs, 3×20@70 standing cable curls.

1. run/walk: 1mile… for each 1/6 mile I ran 1/12 after walking 1/12. avg. time for runs, 44 secs… pace would be a mile in 08:48, I stopped at 1 mile, though I am sure I could have added another mile+ with the same pace.

2. row: 2@500m 2:30

3. walk: 1/3 mile cool down.

When I started training in Jan, I tried to “run” the best I could produce was a mild jog, then pass out… πŸ˜‰ not really but running was not any kind of option. This was compounded by a knee issue that was easily aggravated by any activity. Walking, Hiking on inclines, etc.

Since then I have steadily built up my endurance, moving from I can’t swim more then 25 meters to 400 meters (and then some more); rowing 5k and then swimming, and now, though not a huge gain for some, I just ran, and not only ran, but did so with some modicum of success. I actually almost enjoyed it. (it’s gotta be the shoes, no really, they make a huge difference…)

The run today was for at least 3 reasons: 1. I’ll meet with my Doc on Monday and I want some recent action on my knee to talk about. (I have notes from the past to compare to) 2. check and set some benchmarks, and 3. a buddy informed me he has been running for 4 weeks already in prep for the upcoming 5k mud run….

2012 Habitat Mud Run

our team is almost set, just getting the 5th member’s commitment.

sad Pandas sighted …

A few folks asked for a more detailed list of my gym side workouts so here goes…


0. gym: 3×15@70lbs cable lat extensions, 3×10@70lbs standing preacher curls right into 10 pull ups for each set, 3×15 hyper extensions, 3×15 hanging leg lifts, 3×20 ab coasters, 3×15 air squats, and 3×15 thrusters. Limited rest between sets and reps.

1. walk: 1/2 mile

2. bike: 1 mile in 4:90

3. walk 1/2 mile

4. row 4x500m at 2:15 @5drag

5. walk 1/2 mile

Keep in mind my goals are Functional Endurance & Physical Leanness. I also have an issue with my right knee that is still being addressed. Once that is solved the walk’s will give way to Zombie runs, and I will be able to do a bit more Leg Work in the gym.

after 10+ years of not buying a true athletic shoes I finally picked up a pair of 2011 Nike Air Max’s… Wow, was that a good idea…


My plan is to wear these down and then move to something like the Nike Free’s 2.0’s