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A few folks asked for a more detailed list of my gym side workouts so here goes…


0. gym: 3×15@70lbs cable lat extensions, 3×10@70lbs standing preacher curls right into 10 pull ups for each set, 3×15 hyper extensions, 3×15 hanging leg lifts, 3×20 ab coasters, 3×15 air squats, and 3×15 thrusters. Limited rest between sets and reps.

1. walk: 1/2 mile

2. bike: 1 mile in 4:90

3. walk 1/2 mile

4. row 4x500m at 2:15 @5drag

5. walk 1/2 mile

Keep in mind my goals are Functional Endurance & Physical Leanness. I also have an issue with my right knee that is still being addressed. Once that is solved the walk’s will give way to Zombie runs, and I will be able to do a bit more Leg Work in the gym.

after 10+ years of not buying a true athletic shoes I finally picked up a pair of 2011 Nike Air Max’s… Wow, was that a good idea…


My plan is to wear these down and then move to something like the Nike Free’s 2.0’s

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