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if you don’t drink enough water you will die, no I really mean it. you will die a horrible slow painful death…

youch! it’s hot out there…

Hydrate like a champ folks.

0. gym: legs – 3×20@135lbs standing calf raises, 3×12@80lbs leg extensions, 3×12@80lbs seated leg curls, 3×20@45lbs squats (bar only)

1. run: 1mile mixed sprints: 1/12 at brisk pace (8:30 min mile) then 1/12 at full gas.. 33sec (6:30 mile pace). no breaks.

Weighed in at 209lbs today, 14lbs shy of my body fat goal. It feels like these last 14 will take longer that then prior bunch, but really looking at my past they should drop at the same steady rate. I have also reached a point where getting the protein I want daily is a bit of a challenge. I just don’t have the same oversized appetite anymore. All I really want is some cold water… odd… must be the heat.

have I ever mentioned I hate running, I do. that said I know it has some great benefits for me and can really help my cardio, but really I still loathe it.

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