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-31 lbs and counting


One week back at it, and stopped by the scales on the way out today from the gym… 210 lbs!

that’s roughly equivalent to 3 gallon jugs of water.

9lbs per gallon

9lbs per gallon

9lbs per gallon

Today’s work:

o. Empty one overfilled trailer with tree parts

1. gym: legs – 3×20@80lbs extensions, 3×20@80lbs curls, 3×20@95lbs calf raises

2. track: mix sprint/walk for 1/2 mile – sprint 1/12 run 1/12

3. row: 500m, 400m, 300m, 200m, 100m for pace (30S/M)

4. swim: 4x25m sprints  @ 35 secs each


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