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Run, Slacker Run!

0. gym: 3×12@70lbs seated military press, 3×20@65 seated leg curls, 3×20@65 seated leg extensions, 3×20@60 close grip locked lat cable pulled downs, 3×20@70 standing cable curls.

1. run/walk: 1mile… for each 1/6 mile I ran 1/12 after walking 1/12. avg. time for runs, 44 secs… pace would be a mile in 08:48, I stopped at 1 mile, though I am sure I could have added another mile+ with the same pace.

2. row: 2@500m 2:30

3. walk: 1/3 mile cool down.

When I started training in Jan, I tried to “run” the best I could produce was a mild jog, then pass out… 😉 not really but running was not any kind of option. This was compounded by a knee issue that was easily aggravated by any activity. Walking, Hiking on inclines, etc.

Since then I have steadily built up my endurance, moving from I can’t swim more then 25 meters to 400 meters (and then some more); rowing 5k and then swimming, and now, though not a huge gain for some, I just ran, and not only ran, but did so with some modicum of success. I actually almost enjoyed it. (it’s gotta be the shoes, no really, they make a huge difference…)

The run today was for at least 3 reasons: 1. I’ll meet with my Doc on Monday and I want some recent action on my knee to talk about. (I have notes from the past to compare to) 2. check and set some benchmarks, and 3. a buddy informed me he has been running for 4 weeks already in prep for the upcoming 5k mud run….

2012 Habitat Mud Run

our team is almost set, just getting the 5th member’s commitment.

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