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– 36lbs

Since January 1 I have dropped 36lbs of useless body weight.

205lbs as of this AM, dropping another 10-15 lbs will put me at or around 10-12% Body Fat.


today’s work:

gym: 9, 15, 21, 15, 9 kettlebell snatch & calf raises (1 set each exercise up and down pyramid) 35lb kettlebell and 195lb calf raise, 3×20@120lbs bent lat pull downs, 3×20@25 standing plate raise

bike: 1 mile @ 3 mins

row 1k @ 5 mins

swim 100m @ 2:55 (PR)

One question, If anyone has been using Kill Cliff (or something similar) and has some comments I would really like to know what you think. I presently only use a Ultra Mega Gold Multi vitamin daily and drink 1/2 a monster rehab prior to my workout. (aside from getting the protein / carbs I need from my diet). I am thinking about kicking the rehab to the curb and running Kill Cliff until my mudrun on Sept 1. and see how it goes. Any thoughts?


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