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1 Month – ouch my shoulder!!!

From time to time (in the last 20+ years) I have awoken with a sore nerve in my upper back, normally it’s not an issue settles on its own and that’s that. Not this time, it has messed with my mechanics and now my upper shoulder is KILLING.

For the next 1-2 weeks I will abstain from any upper torso centric motions and let myself heal up. So pity my poor abs, they will get my full angry focus and share my pain…

With the mud run 1 month away, this will likely be a benefit overall I need to make sure I am in good shape for success there.


gym: 3 sets of (20 ab rollers, 20 hyper – extensions 20 ab solos 20 decline crunches, 10 standing kettle curls per arm @ 16kg)

run: 1.33 miles in 18:24 1/2  1/2 walk


gym: 3×20 @ 50 chest flys, 3×20 @ 80 lat press, 3×20 ab rollers

run 1 mile, 14 mins easy pace..

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