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Team Rademacher… it’s almost like the darkside but with better food…

made it back from a great week at www. midwestsummercamp.com, considering how good the food was, I was pleasantly surprised to have came back with zero extra pounds. Next year I will plan to get some AM workouts in, but given how busy I thought we would be (and we were) I didn’t want to over commit.


gym: 3×20@70lbs triceps press, 3×20@70lbs Vbar Curls, 3×20@35lbs standing plate raise, 3×20@35lbs forearm curls

track: 3miles mixed: run, sprint, knee highs & jog, change up every 1/6 mile

swim: 100 meters to cool down.

I have not run this distance in years, all in all the knee feels good right now, we’ll see how it goes in the AM. My thighs felt a bit stiff around 2.5 miles but eased back toward the end. By no means am I near Fried “the rocket” Rademacher’s speed… but then again I think I could carry him and still run the 5k…

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