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Reflections from the trail…

Took the hammock out for its inaugural cold weather outing during the troop’s annual backpacking outing up to Tub Spring at Frozen Head State Park. My planning paid off with a light back and sufficient gear for a warm nest.

We had 5 of the 10 1st and 2nd year scouts with us in our crew, (with 3 adults) normally we follow the South Old Mac trail up, but this year we added the Judge Brach extension. (adding about 1/2 or so) It is rewarding to see the confidence grow on the younger scouts as they learn via adversity just how strong they can be.  it’s about 4miles up and with the 5000 feet in elevation change they can quickly reach the mind over the aches section of back packing.

My son and I headed back down the same day, and my about mile 5 my pack finally settled in. (or I was just numb) I really did not notice it anymore… Spending the extra effort to cut off needless pounds is well worth your time.

One great perk that the hammock affords on the trail, Lunch Time Seating! (and great views)

One humorous tidbit from the end of the day, while exiting the park, we encountered some other visitors stopped at the closed gate. They were on their phones apparently with 911… I feared we too were locked in.. I ventured out to check on the matter, and double check the gate… Hrm no lock… Looking around I could find no reason to see why they could not open the gate… I smiled, slid the gate open told them to have a safe trip home and carried on… I wonder how long they were stopped there…

Grilled Pizza!

… Did that just say Grilled Pizza?

… You Don’t Grill Pizza!

Why Not?

… Pizza, at least GOOD pizza comes from someone who can toss a great pie in some huge oven!

Great pizza, sure, but you can get good pizza off the grill…

… Lies

Really you can grill Pizza, and it tastes really swell!

… Swell you say, let me here you idea.

Okay, the idea is not original to me, but here is how I make it happen.

1. We use Pizza dough from Mama Rosa’s here in town. We tried some other options, even making our own, but in the end theirs just tasted and works the best. (one dough to go = about 2 pizzas)

2. Prep that grill, I run mine about 350 degrees and clean the bars up nice. (sometimes I will add a bit of wood for an even richer smoked flavour.

3. We stretch the do over the backside of a cookie pan and I have found I can just flip the pan over onto the grill and then peel the Pan off.

4. I then grill the dough for about 3-4 mins on that side then flip it over (try and be careful of your grills hot spots. You can burn the pizza in no time!

5. Now add your Sauce, toppings, etc to your preference. Fresh Stuff tastes better, but do what you like!

6. At this point you need about another 9-12 mins to finish it off, I cover mine up and keep a close watch on the hot zones.

7. Slide off and enjoy!