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Hello August!

With ninja levels of sneak-a-tude august will be a whirlwind of activity

  • We are rocking through a solid study of the Pentateuch Wednesday Nights is a series lead by Norm Frese
  • Sunday Mornings are filled with a contextual look of 1st Corinthians (which will be followed by 2nd Corinthians)
  • I am just about to start a package of lessons re-examining the letters to the seven churches mentioned Revelation
  • on August 23rd we’ll have our 2nd annual congregational singing timed to match the start of TTU’s Fall Semester
  • on the heels of that our Meeting with Lynn Wessels is just around the bend in the beginning of Sept.

That alone is a fairly full schedule… but August has others plans…

  • Adult Canoe School
  • HBJ Canoe School
  • A Mud Run
  • A Grand day of Vollyball and BBQ
  • Some “scout-o-rama” thingy
  • and Best of all, Jill’s Birthday! 🙂400966_422504687806939_1381732255_n

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