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reflections from the trail

Had a great time out in the woods and hills of Frozen Head State Park with Troop 156 this past weekend. It is a highlight to the troops program, and is often the first taste of pack backing for some of the younger scouts. Jesse went with one crew and ascended The “North Old Mac Trail”, and then joined me when we headed down the “South Old Mac Trail” Saturday afternoon (as is our habit to do so in order to assemble with the saints on the first day of the week).

Jesse and I both chose to carry our full loads up and down the mountain, Which allowed him the chance to get a feel for having some weight on him in a hike and for me to get a test run in on my gear. 7+ miles for him, and 6+ for me.

I was swiftly reminded that I need two pairs of socks and a protective layer of Moleskin on my heals… (and would do well to drop excess gear from my pack). Jesse learned he can indeed tote a heavy load and do just fine.

Brief outline of what I have right now:

Bag Dump

  1. Big Agnes Lynx Pass 2
  2. Big Agnes Silver Creek Xl
  3. Big Agnes Inflatable Pad
  4. North Face Terra 65L
  5. Rain Cover for Pack
  6. Food
  7. Clothing (changes by season)
  8. Odds and ends,
  9. Precut cordage, 550
  10. Repacked first aid kit
  11. Cook kit
  12. Water
  13. Light, spare batteries
  14. Fire steel
  15. Saw and leatherman
  16. Jet boil PCS
  17. ENO LED strand
  18. Head Lamp
  19. Lead line

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