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where to place the 2m Radio…

As it stands, here is the current dash real estate, I am trying to find a good spot for mounting the Ham Radio and maybe clean up where the CB is mounted to make better use of the space.

one idea I have is to go with a single did head unit, (instead of the factory double din stereo) and use the lower spot for either the CB or the Ham, and route the mic out some way. I have also considered looking a radio that use external face units and working around with that some.

the overhead console has some space, and while I plan to use the rear of it to mount some Aux. light switches, the other 2 compartments are fair game. One thing I don’t want though is a bunch of junk flapping around my noggin. So I am not sure how I might use the space, but a head unit could be slotted in here opening up the full double din space down below.

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