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Soccer Season is upon us with full force

Growing up in what might be called Soccer City USA (Pleasanton, CA home of The Ballistic United Soccer Club) seems to have skewed my expectations just a bit. I keep wondering where is Krazy George and why is he not leading the Parade to open the season! Even more odd, there is no soccer parade!  It felt like every kid in town was on a team, we held practices everywhere.  I vividly recall getting my first red card (I ran screaming like a banshee at an opposing player and while no contact ensued I was sat down and reprimanded). Over time I learned that while I could be confused easily for Alexi Lalas while in College (due to a stellar goatee). I am not really a soccer player. I run when someone chases me. Otherwise I burn dead dinos to get around.

The boys seem to be doing well so far, James is rocking on a team with his buddy Jude and with some focus should make for an exciting time!  Jesse really enjoys playing and has a number of friends and classmates on his team. His coach is gearing up for some extra practices so that should really tie them together.

So bring on the soccer!

GOAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!! (Jesse has been forewarned of my willingness to invoke this parody with all my copious lung power…..