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Reflections in Mud…

Saturday, September 1 was mud run day…

I’m not exactly sure how I went from, hrmm… I think I’ll run a race or something when I drop some weight to there are 9 other crazies running, but run we did.

17 obstacles in all, the race was billed as a 5K and then they slapped on another 1/2 mile or so at the end…

When I plotted a pace and tried to estimate how I (we) should run it all, I came up with about 14mins per mile on the run portions. (slow, but steady and I knew I would be running out of steam on each station) Not knowing how long the obstacles would take, I guess all in all we would finish around 45-60 mins. We hit the 5k mark just a bit over 60 and still had 3 more obstacles and some fun to go.

My legs feel just fine, (knee too for that matter)… but my upper body has paid the price for my shoulder injury. It took a ton of effort to finish some sections, and my arms are sore today. Some of those who ran REALLY exceeded their own expectations and showed true strength passing fears and limits with determination.

For me I don’t believe I could have gone faster than we did and still finished well. I did note that I have to continue improve my running, and slice off some more baggage, but I’ll lay that out another time.

We are already scoping out plans for next year and maybe some stuff before then!

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